Mucking Ejector / DN80-100-100 / Air or Water / Cast Iron housing / Nozzle RVS316 Cast Iron housing / Nozzle RVS316

Mucking Ejector / DN80-100-100 / Air or Water

An ejector is a pump that does not operate by a driving machine. An ejector is powered by a liquid or gas stream, the Venturi effect.

The flow energy in this buoyancy current is used to move another liquid, dry bulk material or gas. This allows an ejector to be used in places where there is no possibility of using a pump with a drive motor. Due to its construction, an ejector is self-priming; even an almost absolute vacuum can be achieved.


  • Creating a vacuum without a pump



Discharge connection (NPS/DN)
NPS 4" (DN100)
Suction connection (NPS/DN)
NPS 4" (DN100)
Driving flow connection (NPS/DN)
NPS 3" (DN80)


Pressure rating flange


Housing material
Ductile cast iron


6 m³/h
Pressure range
0 to 6 Bar
Excluded from purchase:
  • Operating ball valve
  • Check valve

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