Seat / EPDM / DN150 For butterfly valve serie 20-30 / DIN

Seat / EPDM / DN150

This seat is an ideal choice for butterfly valve series 20 and 30 with a DN150 size. It is designed for industrial and civil applications and certified to DIN standards. It has been manufactured from the highest quality EPDM material and offers excellent resistance to temperatures ranging from -29 to 121 °C. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and is suitable for various applications. This seat is easy to install and provides reliable sealing performance over a wide range of temperatures. With its superior quality and durability, this seat is an ideal choice for butterfly valves of DN150 size.

Furthermore, the seat is designed to seal with slip-on or weld-neck flanges, and the moulded o-ring eliminates the need for flange gaskets. The tongue and groove lock the seat in place and make the valve dead-end capable.


  • Higher resistance to abrasion
  • Lower compression set
  • Food grade
  • Can be certified to NSF-61 (contact customer support)



Type of valve accessory


Suitable valve type
Butterfly valve (series 20 and 30)
Suitable Valves size(s)


Temperature range
-29 to 121 ℃


Seat material


Norm type
This package contains:
  • Seat
Excluded from purchase:
  • Any other part of the valve

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