Seat / Viton (FKM) / DN300 For butterfly valve serie 20-30 / DIN

Seat / Viton (FKM) / DN300

This DN300 seat is made of Viton (FKM) and is the perfect accessory for your butterfly valve series 20 and 30. This seat is made of the highest quality Viton (FKM) material, giving it excellent acid, oil, and temperature resistance. It can withstand temperatures from -18 to 204 (°C) degrees Celsius. Furthermore, this seat is made according to DIN norms and standards. This seat is ideal for butterfly valve series 20 and 30 and will last a long time.

Additionally, the seat is designed to seal with slip-on or weld-neck flanges, and the moulded o-ring eliminates the need for flange gaskets. The tongue and groove lock the seat in place and make the valve dead-end capable. Get this DN300 Seat / Viton (FKM) and make sure your butterfly valve series 20 and 30 runs perfectly!


  • Improved acid resistance
  • Improved oil resistance
  • Improved temperature resistance



Type of valve accessory


Suitable valve type
Butterfly valve (series 20 and 30)
Suitable Valves size(s)


Temperature range
-18 to 204 ℃


Seat material
Viton (FKM)


Norm type
This package contains:
  • Seat
Excluded from purchase:
  • Any other part of the valve

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